Singers' dues are payable January 1, $20 regular members, $10 retired seniors. Please pay by
March 1 to remain in good standing as a late fee of $5 per month shall accrue each month dues are
late. Please complete paper card/brown envelope as you did last year with your current info and drop
your cash or check in RED BOX marked SINGERS, or mail check to club- Attention: SINGERS TREASURER
on envelope. Any questions phone 860-508-8236.

SICK BENEFIT MEMBERS Sick Benefit contact Dan Albert with

STEFFI'S CULTURAL COOKING continues at 7:00 on November 22 and perhaps
December, date to be determined. Call 860-508-8236 to reserve. It's a fun time; all are welcome,
(men, women, older kids) no skills necessary!

AUFRUF AN ALLE FREIWILLIGEN! Calling all volunteers! New members, long-time members,
now's your chance! Contact Mike Sabel,Volunteer Coordinator, 860-416-3255, and he'll get you
set up. We have many coming up- Schnitzelfest- Weihnachtsfest- 3rd Fridays – Breakfasts- we'll
accommodate your ability, WE NEED YOU!

FOOTBALL & FOOD John Steele will continue to offer a varying menu of deliciousness every
Sunday during football season! Check in weekly for menu and details.
Our weekly football pool continues for only $5, the more players the bigger the pot! Super Bowl pool
will be going up in late November, don't miss out as it fills up very quickly! Come on down to the club
and watch some football with friends.

PLANNING MEETING It will be beneficial to all groups to have a planning meeting again to discuss
the 2020 Club calendar of events. We have a very busy schedule here at the Donau and cooperation
between all groups will help things run smoothly by planning event dates together, understanding obstacles
other groups encounter, offering help/suggestions, discussing kitchen issues and scheduling procedure,
etc. Date to be announced in next newsletter, any questions call 860-508-8236

WEIHNACHTSFEST Come on down for the CHRISTMAS FAIR December 7, 10am to 5pm, upstairs
& downstairs. Contact Zac to rent a table. Crafts- food- live music- something for everyone! This year
we'll have an appearance by Santa, too! Enjoy Christmas music from "Scha-Musi", food from the
kitchen, and our special Gluehwein. Event coordinator Zac Cole, 860-402-3699 or Come down to do some Christmas shopping, stay for the Gemütlichkeit! As
we will be busy with the fair, we will not have a December breakfast.

SETBACK - WANTED A 'Donau' member to provide coordinating efforts during Wednesday Set Back
Tournaments. The Set Back team needs assistance in the ongoing activities that support a smooth performance
during tournaments. Scoring games accurately and recording players progress as tournaments
progress is naturally expected in an evening of Set Back. Accuracy and prompt posting of scores
is essential. Should you be interested in learning more about the Set Back Coordinator, let one of our
committee members know as soon as possible on Wednesday night. This is an urgent request. There is
a need to have this coordinator found by December 2019. Thanks, Rich

OKTOBERFEST 2019 SUCCESS and it didn't rain! What a beautiful day we had to celebrate our
1st annual Oktoberfest on Sept. 7th! Food, dance, music, great weather- a wonderful time was had in
the Biergarten. Goodies from the grill, brats, kraut, German potato salad, and more under the charge of
John Steele kept everyone fed, authentic German pretzels and beer were enjoyed as well. Frank
Billowitz and the Austrian Boys and of course a great performance from our Alpenland Tänzer and
Kindergruppe kept us all entertained. None of it would have been possible without a great group of volunteers
who helped set up, decorate, drag tables outside, park a record number of cars, cook, clean up,
etc.- it was great to have everyone pull together and get it done! We look forward to holding this event
again in 2020- perhaps extending the hours or making other adjustments to make it bigger and better.
The only thing holding us back would be lack of volunteers. Please consider lending a hand next year to
help us super-size this day! Contact event chair Mona Starczewski at 860-508-8236 or with your comments/suggestions.

IN MEMORY of JOHN MACKE A short period ago, John Macke passed away. He was a first class member
for over 50 years. He was a past Officer of the Sick benefit society for many years and he and his family were very
involved with the clubs activities over the years. When a first class member passes away the surviving family receives
a death benefit of $500. In the Macke's case, and as John would have liked it, the family has foregone the benefit and
decided to donate it back to the club. It took some time to determine what we would use it for, but we always knew
John liked the outdoors, dancing, singing and beer festivals. With that said, the club is in need of an outside shed to
store outdoor bier garden furniture. This $500 donation has been used as part of the fund to purchase the shed. It is
with these kind acts, that the Club continues to grow and blossom. A big DANKA to the Macke family.

VARIOUS ITEMS The club is SMOKE-FREE Fridays 2pm-7pm on non-dinner nights, so please take
advantage. Opt to receive your newsletter via email by emailing including your
full name. Join FB group Rathskeller for latest news. We are not holding BREAKFAST IN December
as the Weihnachtsfest will be held Dec. 7.